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Corporate Governance Policy

The Board of Directors (“the Board”) of Nekkar ASA is responsible for ensuring that the company is organised, managed and controlled in an appropriate and satisfactory manner in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Compliance with generally accepted corporate governance guidelines is important because it contributes to:

  • reduced risk
  • enhanced values in the best interests of all stakeholders
  • fair treatment of all stakeholders
  • strengthened confidence and attractivity
  • desired conduct

The Board considers compliance with generally accepted corporate governance guidelines as an important prerequisite for long-term value creation. The company strives to ensure that its internal control mechanisms, organisation and management structures comply with good corporate governance principles

Nekkar ASA (“Nekkar” or the “Company”) seeks to comply with the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance (the “Corporate Governance Code”), last revised on 14 October 2021, which is available at the Norwegian Corporate Governance Committee’s website

The principal purpose of the Corporate Governance Code is to ensure (i) that listed companies implement corporate governance that clarifies the respective roles of shareholders, the board of directors and executive management more comprehensively than what is required by legislation and (ii) effective management and control over activities with the aim of securing the greatest possible value creation over time in the best interest of companies, shareholders, employees and other parties concerned.

Corporate Governance Report

Each year, the Board of Nekkar prepares a corporate governance report that details compliance with the Corporate Governance Code, or explains any deviations from the code.

The latest corporate governance report can be found on pages 24-29 of Nekkar’s annual report.