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Nekkar is currently developing the SkyWalker—a disruptive installation tool based on technology that will significantly reduce the cost and environmental footprint associated with wind turbine installations.

SkyWalker uses active heave compensation derived from offshore lifting systems combined with digital solutions that allow for remote-controlled and automated solutions.

Self climbing wind turbine installation tool solving key bottlenecks facing the industry

Benefits of SkyWalker

  • Reduced wind turbine park installation time
  • Reduced transport and logistics cost
  • Increased weather window due to guided and robotic lifting
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Operates heavier loads and reaches taller heights than current crane solutions
  • Smaller installation footprint
  • Operate remotely, unmanned lifting platform
  • Easier to transport to site
  • Reduce tower oscillatiom

Scaled SkyWalker Model (1:20) has been tested successfully in wind tunnel

Demonstration of SkyWalker downscaled model (1:20). The video shows Skywalker lifting with and without load, overturn compensation, pitch and roll adjustment, active tail system