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Closed cage for fish farming. Manage your environment.

Nekkar aims to develop disruptive technologies that offer high sustainability impact solutions for the aquaculture industry. The Starfish closed fish cage is the first example of this approach.

The starfish series is a modularized automated closed fish cage, with numerous advantages when it comes to fish health, hygiene, controlled environment, and operational benefits. By data acquisition and bioanalytic Nekkar launches leveled automation throughout sensors and algorithms, which gives the fish farmer production control beyond human skills.

Our closed technology provides multiple benefits in terms of fish welfare, production control and efficiency

Benefits of Starfish

  • Protection against sea lice improves fish welfare and dramatically reduces opex
  • Lower risk of escapes due to dual safety
  • Collection of biological waste contributes to circular economy: sludge will be turned into value
  • Digital systems provide better control, increased growth and reduced opex
  • Significantly lower energy consumption than land-based fish farming

Starfish PE200

The closed cage is developed to be utilized from smolt to full grown biomass, where the unique circulation techniques will provide for best possible water quality in the cage. An oxygenation system will automatically accommodate the different growth phases, which gives fish farmers confidence that the best conditions for the biomass are met.

Available utilities allow the fish farmer to reduce its footprint onshore by equipping the operational environment with back-up power, oxygen production/injection, robotized cleaning all controlled from the operating center. As fish farmers strive to optimize their operational performance, Nekkar enables the fish farmer to monitor as Starfish adjust and optimize the environment as the fish grows. The Starfish series comes with an operator’s environment fully integrated at the fish farmers' operating center making the environment manageable.

Nekkar is committed to push for new innovative and sustainable solutions through cutting edge technologies.